Irony. Or Socialism in a nutshell, as illustrated by socialists.

by w3woody

If Socialists Understand the Free-Rider Problem, Then Why Are They Socialists?

There was a funny sideshow to the recent Supreme Court Janus v. AFSCME decision. That decision essentially made it impossible for local or state governments to require that all employees pay support to certain public employee unions, even if they are not a member of that union and/or don’t support that union’s activities and, particularly, that union’s political speech. Progressives, many of whom feel increasingly confident to admit that they are socialists, rushed to point out that this was a death knell for these unions because of the free rider problem. If workers who benefitted from the union’s collective bargaining activities were not forced to pay, then what incentive exists for any one employee to pay the union if they still will enjoy the benefits without paying. Soon, everyone will become a free rider and the union will die.

As they say, read the whole thing. It’s only three paragraphs, and I won’t give away the punch line.

I find such things humorous. Well, I have to–because they illustrate how god-awefully fucking stupid socialists and their useful idiots on the left actually are, and if I didn’t find humor where I could, I’d be perpetually depressed.