How about “start listening?” Or would that break your precious, precious bubble?

by w3woody

But Who Would Believe Them?

Start “teaching.” Guide them through the process.

Yes, Middle Americans love to feel like they’re the left’s students – that always plays really well – particularly knowing that the lessons come with a fair amount of “anger and hate” behind them as Redlawsk admits.

And if the instructions from our would-be betters are rejected?…

How about listening?

No, that won’t work, because most Liberal Progressives believe they have won the cultural revolution starting in the 1960’s and 1970’s. And while racism and prejudice was dealt a decisive blow in the 1970’s, Liberal Progressives believed they won every cultural war since–sweeping through Gramsci’s “Long March” through all of the cultural institutions, until society–long before the Internet–became one big liberal echo chamber. An echo chamber rarely broken except for lone voices like Rush Limbaugh, dismissed as a hate monger without ever receiving a hearing.

Which is why, when tested, liberals are completely unable to answer a questionnaire as a “typical conservative”–preferring arguably hateful caricatures little different than early 20th century watermelon-munching blacks–while conservatives and libertarians are able to answer a questionnaire as a liberal would.

The implication being conservatives understand liberals far better than liberals understand conservatives.

So I guess listening is right out.

So is, apparently, understanding the fact that “teaching” won’t work–because your political opponents understand your arguments. Hell, conservatives probably understand your arguments better than you do. They probably can even construct your left-wing arguments for you with greater fidelity than you can.

They just think you are wrong.

And need to be stopped.

Temper tantrums and wandering around like a homeless person with a mental defect muttering “Russia, Russia, Russia” under your breath when you’re not tearing down a street “peacefully” throwing rocks through store fronts while calling for the destruction of anyone who is better off than you are–none of that will help.