I have a feature request for Amazon.

by w3woody

But do you know how hard it is to submit a feature request to Amazon? I guess it’s because there are a million very smart people thinking of all sorts of smart things–and behind them is the all-mighty dollar and lawsuits galore.

Okay, so I’m publishing my idea here in public, on the off chance someone at Amazon will see this idea. If they do (or, if any shopping site sees this idea for that matter) and decides to implement it, well, know I’m tossing this idea out there for free, in the public domain, for anyone to use.

So here’s the idea.

Ever think of something you want to buy on Amazon, but you’re away on vacation or are about to leave on vacation? And you really want the product to be delivered when you come back from vacation–but your only options are for tomorrow or two days, when you’re still away on vacation? (Yeah, I want to have my product delivered to an empty house in 2 hours.)

So now you have to put the product on a wish list–and remember it’s on your wish list for later ordering. Meanwhile, Amazon may lose a sale.

And it seems that everyone is trying to figure out how to ship products even faster–but that doesn’t help you at all:

So here’s the feature request:

Let me pick a shipping date in the future.

For example, if I know I’m not arriving back home until two weeks from now, let me specify a delivery date for two weeks from now. Then have Amazon (or the other shipping site) ship the product in the cheapest way possible, but delay shipping until a date in the future which would result in that shipping delivery date.

So, if I order a new fangled camera (because I broke my camera while on the trip) but I don’t come back until September 15th, then let me pick the 15th–and Amazon can delay shipping the product until the 10th for delivery in 5 days. (Or ship the 13th for two day delivery.)

Implementation wise, it would be a matter of putting the order on a queue for future delivery. If the product is out of stock in the future, then alert me–and ideally alert me if there are few products left so I can opt to cancel or ship the product earlier (and take my chances some package thief doesn’t steal my package).

Amazon, are you listening?