What the fuck is wrong with people, part deux?

by w3woody

Listen To America — A HuffPost Road Trip

Apparently, like David Brooks, the editors of The Huffington Post are concerned they don’t understand the issues facing those strange and odd people living in that great vast wasteland beyond the Hudson River. So they’re getting on a bus to visit the natives, to learn their ways, to risk foods not made in hipster sandwich shops full of exotically named pork products.

As David Burge of Iowahawk noted:

I note, however, that one of their stops in North Carolina is Asheville.

For those who don’t know, Asheville is the Berkeley of North Carolina. Years ago it was nominated by “Thrillist” as #4 in their top 10 most hipster towns, beaten out ownly by Austin, Eugene and Seattle. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the hipster Asheville has on display, they regularly have a drum circle. (I shit you not; the link is to a tourism site.) I presume Asheville only ranked #4 because the editors of Thrillist didn’t visit the drum circle when they visited there.

Of all the places to stop in North Carolina, HuffPo is going to Asheville.

They’re not visiting Charlotte, the most populous city in North Carolina, a center of banking and commerce, the home of NASCAR and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. They’re not visiting Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, one with a decidedly liberal bent. Nor are they visiting Winston-Salem or Greensboro. They certainly are avoiding the economically depressed regions of Wilson and Rocky Mount, and they’re avoiding Fayetteville, the home of Fort Bragg.

Instead, they’re going on vacation to Asheville, nestled in (the decidedly liberal section of) the Blue Ridge Mountains.

They’ll get some great tourism stories, of course: they’ll learn about the craft beer brewing, the local wines, the hiking, the hipster farm-to-table tours, the bean to bar chocolate, and no visit is complete without dropping by The Gourmet Chip Company, which fries various types of chips (potato chips, banana chips, etc) and covers them with various custom toppings.

And hopefully the stories HuffPo tells will help the tourism business in North Carolina.

But “listening to America?”

Please. It’s like watching Rudy Maxa’s “Smart Travels” video on London and thinking you’re now well equipped to discuss Brexit.

If the rest of the HuffPo locations are simiarly thought out, we’ll get two things.

First we’ll get an excellent travelogue on visiting less traveled tourist stops in America.

Second, we’ll get a worthless piece about how “they are just like us, so we can’t figure out why they voted for Trump; perhaps it’s because they didn’t and Trump stole the election” self-centered puff pieces which just affirm HuffPo’s smugness.

Maybe they can take David Brooks along so he can sniff at the poor from the windows of The Cottage At The Biltmore (at around $2,000/night for two-adults).