Scoring a coup: a high school newspaper lands an interview with Defense Secretary James Mattis.

by w3woody

On May 11th, The Washington Post published an article which included a stack of papers. On that stack of papers was the private phone number of Defense Secretary James Mattis. Alerted to this fact, The Washington Post edited out the phone number and updated their web site.

But not before Teddy Fischer, sophomore high school student attending Mercer Island High School saved the number. Mr. Fischer called the number, and left a message asking if Secretary of Defense Mattis would be interested in a phone interview with The Islander, a high school newspaper at Mercer Island High.

Quoting the Islander:

The only thing more bizarre than getting the private cell number of United States Defense Secretary James Mattis through a leak is having him call you back.

And the rest, as they say, is history:

Full transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis’ interview with The Islander