Sharing the salt lick.

by w3woody

Go Ahead, Put Salt on Your Food

In June 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued proposed guidelines to the food industry to reduce the amount of sodium in many prepared foods. The agency, noting that the average American eats about 3,400 mg of sodium daily, wants to cut that back to only 2,300 mg. That is basically the amount of sodium in one teaspoon of salt. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) similarly advises that “most Americans should consume less sodium” because “excess sodium can increase your blood pressure and your risk for a heart disease and stroke.”

There’s one problem: Evidence has been gathering for years that government salt consumption guidelines might well kill more people than they save.

I’m reminded of a quote from Babylon 5: Crusade (“Appearances and Other Deceits”, #1.8), released in 1999:

Did you know that in the 20th century they actually thought that salt was bad for you? Listen to the animals I say. The lion will sit down with the lamb to share the salt lick. – Good enough for them, good enough for me.