Don’t shame a person who has no sense of shame.

by w3woody

Byron York: The price of fighting with Trump

People who get into fights with Donald Trump often end up diminished by it.

The article goes into several examples of those who attempted to pick a fight with Trump using insults–from the GOP primaries through to today’s fights with the press–and points out that at the end of the day, those who picked the fights found themselves diminished as a result.

The reason for this is simple–and it is so simple it shocks me that we need to be continuously reminded of it.

First, President Trump, quite frankly, has no shame. The whole notion that he should take the insults but not dish them out seems completely foreign to him–and the “have you no shame, you’re President!” argument does not make any impact on Donald Trump, the man.

Second, President Trump’s supporters voted for him precisely because Trump has no shame.

Meaning one of the biggest points of anger deep in the GOP psyche–one that has been festering for more than a decade or two–is that somehow, when insulted by the press or by Democrats or even by a Democratic President (such as Obama)–Republicans are expected to turn the other cheek. And frankly a lot on the Right were (and are) sick to fucking death of this.

So when they got to vote for a man who seems not only willing and able to sink into the muck and fight back, but who seems to enjoy the mud slinging–people voted for him willingly.

What this means is that anytime someone like Scarborough and Brzezinksi call Trump “stupid”, a “goon”, or “mentally ill”–Trump is more than happy to sink into the muck right along with them by pointing out the horrific side effect of a face lift before it has completely healed.

And at the end of the day, Trump’s supporters love it. It is why they voted for him.

And, at the end of the day, the TV hosts who threw the first lump of mud and found themselves in the mud fight find themselves diminished–because unlike Trump whose power comes from his supporters, their power comes from their appearance of impartiality and intellectual superiority.

Impartiality and intellectual superiority which was just flushed down the toilet.

You want to oppose Trump?

It’s quite simple.

Make a reasoned and principled argument based on the facts. Show support for issues where you are in agreement with Trump (even if, behind the scenes, you have to hold your nose)–and construct an intellectual and honest argument against Trump when you oppose him. (The argument doesn’t even have to be correct–it simply has to appear principled and honest.)

Unfortunately for most on the Left, this has become impossible.

It’s impossible because in their hatred for Trump–in believing Trump is stupid, a moron, an asshole, a goon, an arrogant shit-covered baby–they no longer are willing to keep up appearances of impartiality, of intellectualism, of honest belief.

Which is why Trump is so dangerous to the Left.

If you just read the above and thought “fuck you, asshole, for supporting Trump; he’s a fucking goon and needs to be arrested and tossed in jail before he burns the Reichstag”–well, guess what?

You’re going to help him get re-elected.

You want 8 years of Trump? Keep it up. Because we’ll get 8 years of President Trump if you keep up the irrational hatred.