Just think of the LGBTQIA protesters as Democrat shock troops and you won’t be far off.

by w3woody

Q&A With The ‘Sassy’ Teacher Of The Year About That Fan And Going Viral

What was President Trump’s reaction to the fan? Did he say anything?

Oh, he loved it! I popped it open when I walked into the office because I’m a very sassy person. And [President] Trump complimented it right away. He said, “I love the fan!” And he told me I had great style. Then, when I was ushered in for my private photo with the president and Melania [Trump] I was told I should put it away. So I just folded it up and held it at my side. But when it came time for the photo, I just asked the president, “Do you mind if I use the fan for the photo?” He said, “Absolutely go for it.” So I popped my fan and did my pose.

Making policy is like making sausage: you really really don’t want to know what goes into it.

But on a personal level it’s pretty clear that President Donald Trump is the most pro-gay President we have had since James Buchanan, the 15th President, a life-long bachelor who lived with his Vice President for more than a decade prior to being President. (The rumor was President Buchanan was gay, with Andrew Jackson referring to him and his “partner” as “Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy”)

So all the attacks by the LGBTQIA community against a “homophobic Donald Trump” is bullshit concocted in order to make the gay community–who, now that gay marriage has been legalized has little to galvanize them nationally except fear–vote Democrat.