Wouldn’t it be great if President Trump gave a State of the Union Address like Apple gave its status report at WWDC?

by w3woody

Apple Special Event. June 5, 2017.

Apple gave a 2+ hour keynote address at WWDC which gave a status report about how Apple is doing, with slides, detailed information, and with the various VPs of various corporate divisions coming up to talk about the work being done within their divisions.

Other companies do the same thing: the CEO goes up, gives some general announcements, then allows others who directly report to the CEO come up and give announcements related to each of their divisions.

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch President Trump do the same thing? Can you imagine it, with individual cabinet heads coming up to talk about the progress in each of the departments which report to them? Hell, I think it’d be fun if Trump were to give an Apple-style presentation, with slides highlighting the talking points, and with the press, Congress, and invited guests in an auditorium similar to what Apple used for WWDC.

Remember: as a constitutional matter, the President of the United States is only obligated to update Congress on the State of the Union. There is no obligation as to how this update is provided: for the first century and a half the State of the Union was a letter delivered to Congress.

So there is no obligation on the format of the State of the Union. There is no obligation President Trump address Congress in joint session. So long as the State of the Union is communicated to Congress, President Trump can do a State of the Union any way he wants: he could do it as a stream of Twitter tweets. He could post a YouTube video. He could arrange to give it as a musical opera at the National Theater.

I just like the idea of a Silicon Valley-style address, complete with slides and with various cabinet members coming up with all the energy of a Steve Jobs, providing status updates as to what the executive department is doing.