Customer Service.

by w3woody

So today I wanted to order a bunch of boxes off of ULine, and it turned out that when I went to see the list of shipping options, to my area the only option they had was rather expensive overnight.

I called customer support in order to find out if they had any other shipping options; I didn’t need them right away, and somehow paying almost as much for the shipping as I was for the product seemed–well, silly. I mean, I’d have been happy if they strapped them to a mule.

But my call was not motivated by complaining about the price; even with shipping the boxes were substantially cheaper than ordering them from Office Depot or Staples. (Like, even with the shipping they were half the price.) My call was to ask if I was doing something wrong on the web site, since I couldn’t see any other options.

And customer service, after assuring that the only shipping options they had were for overnight shipping, offered to discount the shipping by half.

That was nice.

So kudos out to ULine for cutting the price of shipping for me, even though I wasn’t really upset by the price–just wondering why there were no other options.

If you need to order bulk shipping boxes or–really–bulk office supplies, they have a great selection. Just FYI.