When you realize socialism is simply feudalism without all that messy “right of birth” stuff, there is nothing to square.

by w3woody

California’s Descent to Socialism

The oligarchs of the Bay Area have a problem: They must square their progressive worldview with their enormous wealth. They certainly are not socialists in the traditional sense. They see their riches not as a result of class advantages, but rather as reflective of their meritocratic superiority. As former TechCrunch reporter Gregory Ferenstein has observed, they embrace massive inequality as both a given and a logical outcome of the new economy.

Meaning they’re skipping that messy intermediate step of pretending socialism is about equality, and are going right to the socialism as the ultimate government paternalism (akin to the paternalism felt by a Manor Lord over the peasants under his care).

Footnote: Somehow the article’s author thinks that this socialism descending into feudalism is new. But that’s because none of us seem to remember any history predating the Watergate scandal.

Socialism started in France, and French Socialism was essentially solving the problem of what to do with the means of production once we behead all the aristocrats: the solution was to replace those aristocrats with “citizens councils”, rather than allowing individuals to chart their own course through the wilderness.

So saying “Socialism descends into Feudalism” is a bit redundant.