Just because it was legal doesn’t mean it doesn’t have implications.

by w3woody

Can Charlotte Pride parade exclude Gays for Trump float?

Short answer: yes they can.

But that’s because political affiliation is not a protected class under either Charlotte or North Carolina law.

And that has some real implications.

First, it makes it clear that “gay pride parades” are essentially Democrat front groups, and not really about ‘gay pride.’

(And it implies that if you want to be gay and want to show your pride, then you had better step in line, comrade. Because the political commissar may not approve of your thoughtcrimes. And you thought being gay was only about loving someone of the same gender. Fool.)

Second, it means reciprocal discrimination–that is, discrimination against Democrats and Liberals–is now fair game, at least in North Carolina. Specifically it means if I am an employer of one of the folks who march in the Charlotte gay pride parade, I can let them go on political grounds. (Note that sexual orientation is also not a protected class under NC law.)

It may feel good to protect your tribe against outsiders.

But it opens you to tribal warfare.