TIL: If served with papers, verify them with the court clerk because they could be a forgery.

by w3woody

Another libel takedown order

Alas, this is not the case to deal with these interesting questions — because it’s not a case. There is no Motamedi v. Oesterblad in the Eastern District of Michigan. The case number 2:13-cv-14541 (the number listed in the order) in that district corresponds to a completely different order. There is no Daniel Ro. Markus, the lawyer who, according to the order, was responsible for the case. The order submitted to Google was a forgery, like the ones discussed here (Lichterman and Aukerman), here (Arnstein), and here (Haas).

And this should be instructive to all of us: Never trust a court document (a subpoena, an order, or anything else) from someone else’s case until you check it with the court records. Sometimes you can do it online for free, sometimes for a modest amount — and if you get the document as part of your business, it’s a cost of doing business — and sometimes by calling the clerk of court’s office. I wish that this weren’t so, and that you could trust documents that ostensibly come from the government. But you can’t.

(Emphasis mine.)