All day Friday I watched as various liberal CNBC commentators talked about the possibility of a Trump impeachment or resignation and its influence on the markets.

by w3woody

And I wondered just how bat-shit crazy the Left has become.

Apparently, this crazy: Funny Fake Liberal News on Trump ‘Impeachment’

It seems that the Marshal of the Supreme Court spoke to President Trump about his upcoming impeachment by the Supreme Court:

Sources further say that the Supreme Court notified Mr. Trump that the formal process of a case of impeachment against him was begun, before he departed the country on Air Force One. The notification was given, as part of the formal process of the matter, in order that Mr. Trump knew he was not able to use his powers of pardon against other suspects in Trump-Russia cases. Sources have confirmed that the Marshal of the Supreme Court spoke to Mr. Trump.

I’ve taken the liberty to include a photo of the Marshal of the Supreme Court with his honor guard arriving at the White House to serve notice to President Trump. (h/t David Frum)

Supreme Court Marshal

The fact that the battiness of the Left has caused even commentators on CNBC not to know what is going on with the Trump Administration suggests just how bad the media bubble has gotten. Many reporters within the national media see themselves as belonging to a self-styled “color revolution” in the United States, and they see their objective as being the removal of a President they believe is worse than a dictator.

And if that means not being accurate about reporting the news–even if that means promoting stories based on the thinnest of evidence–well, everything is fair in love and war, right?

All it takes, however, is common sense to realize that the idea Trump will resign or be impeached is a fantasy the Left is selling itself in order to deal with the fact that we have Trump as President:

First, Trump’s supposedly “unhinged” style is nothing new. Voters who voted for Trump knew he would blast out tweets on Twitter, would speak in a manner which blatantly ignores all the rules of modern rhetoric, and was politically incorrect with his ideas.

So thinking somehow Trump will now step down in shame because of how he is behaving is absolutely absurd: this is the Trump his supporters voted for.

Second, Trump was elected to, in essence, go to war with the Federal apparatus and to seriously curtail or at least reform the Federal bureaucracy.

So the reports that somehow the Federal apparatus is under siege is a feature, not a bug. This is why Trump supporters voted for Trump.

And support them they do: one poll I read (my Google-fu is broken now) seem to suggest that amongst those who actually voted for Trump, he has overwhelming support: nearly everyone (to within statistical error) supports or strongly supports Trump.

Third, for Trump to be impeached, he must actually commit a crime. He cannot be impeached for the “appearance” of having committed a crime, he cannot be impeached for violating the customs of previous administrations. He must actually commit a crime.

And despite efforts by the press to paint Trump as having broken the law by sharing secret information with the Russians or by having somehow colluded with the Russians by meeting with them–these are both actions taken by previous administrations (including Obama), and none of these items are actually illegal.

(Watergate took down President Nixon because, at the bottom of the stack, Nixon broke the law by being instrumental in a break-in at the Watergate hotel to steal campaign information from the Democratic National Committee.)

Weirdly the Press seems to think impeachment of Trump is an option not because of any legal impropriety, but because when asked a sizable minority of the public seem to support impeachment–as if impeachment was a political question rather than a question of law.

Face it. President Trump will be President of the United States for at least another three and a half years.

If the Left continues down the path it’s going, we may wind up with Trump for another seven and a half years.

And making political or economic bets on the idea that Trump somehow will step down is fucking insane.

It’s why I found the comments from CNBC bat-shit crazy, and wouldn’t give any of these asshats one thin time to invest on my behalf: because they are making bets on an event that is as likely to happen as a meteor hitting New York and destroying the NASDAQ trading floor.