If the Russians bought Trump the Presidency, they bought a pig in a poke.

by w3woody

When Does All That Evidence of Collusion Arrive?

The funny part about all of this is not how Obama sat with Putin in 2012 and whispered “after my election, I’ll have more flexibility,” or the Russian money dumped into the Clinton Foundation.

No, the funny part is that if somehow Russia bought Trump the election in order to get favorable treatment, from Trump’s assertion that if Syria used chemical weapons against its population, the Russians knew about it (and the subsequent ebb in U.S./Russian relations), to escalation of weapons sales to the Middle East to counter Russian clout there, the Russians bought a pig in a poke.

Trump’s foreign policy overseas has been “America First” as promised–and that has caused Trump to run head-long against the Russians in all fronts, from European energy sales (which Russia has been using to gain influence in the European Union) to the Middle East to Asia.

In fact, if you’re a European, you do not see the election of Trump not as strengthening ties between two of the three major world powers (the third being China), as Trump becomes Russia’s “Manchurian Candidate.” What you see is a dangerous world being made far more dangerous by a U.S. President who is willing to shove “America First” down the throats of the two other major powers, to the detriment of a Europe caught–as always–in the crossfire.