If words are equal to violence…

by w3woody

Who Teaches Students That Words Are Violence?

Never mind the theoretical underpinnings of what Tuvel argues, we have generations of ersatz intellectuals in the humanities who are so entrenched in critical theory and poststructuralist thought that they are fine equating words with violence! These are the people who are teaching our students ā€” and their ideas have spread wide.

If words are violence, then it is legitimate to use violence in self-defense against words and ideas.

Thus, the Antifa movement who is enacting violence against otherwise innocent bystanders, in order to stop their ideas.

I’m telling you right now. Someone is going to be killed. A lot of someones.

And let’s be very clear about the bankruptcy of this idea that words are equivalent to violence. What it is saying is that if I deny your experience because I doubt it, and I express that doubt–it’s the equivalent of taking you down the back alley, and at knife point forcibly removing your clothes and raping you.

Such moral equivalencies degrade and insult those who have truly been the victim of violence, of rape, of attempted murder.