Observation on a quote

by w3woody

Quotation of the Day…

The government wants to interfere in order to force businessmen to conduct their affairs in a different way than they would have chosen if they had obeyed only the consumers. Thus, all the measures of interventionism by the government are directed toward restricting the supremacy of consumers. The government wants to arrogate to itself the power, or at least a part of the power, which, in the free market economy is in the hands of the consumers.

It’s one reason why so many politicians who insist on regulating business also show so much disdain for the desires of the general population. Of course this distaste of how people live is often expressed in terms of “us” verses “them”–after all, a politician requires votes to keep his job.

But when you hear someone talk about how NASCAR is stupid, or read a diatribe about how people don’t take care of themselves, or comments about how a certain class of people (those who live in the South or those who are poor) are stupid and lazy–it’s politicians and their supporters softening up the landscape to permit government to step in and “take care of us” by restricting our liberties.

Of course it’s not to suggest all regulations are bad. Some regulations are necessary–since one of the principle products governments create is trust. (Trust, for example, that when you order an iPhone through the mail you receive an iPhone and not a box weighted down with a brick.)

But so much of what governments do is strip consumers of their freedom to choose, because governments think they know better–or, just as likely, because some special interest group is protecting it’s short term interests, even at the cost of long-term gains.