Why does government want to poke its nose in everyone’s shit? Because people want to poke their nose in everyone’s shit.

by w3woody

Most Americans Don’t Want People To Buy Soda And Candy With Food Stamps

It should come as no surprise that Americans hold strong opinions about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, colloquially known as “food stamps.” But there appears to be more of a bipartisan consensus on the matter than heated rhetoric on the matter might suggest.

According to a study released Wednesday by the Voice of the People, a nonpartisan polling group, and conducted by University of Maryland researchers, an overwhelming majority of American voters of both parties favor restricting SNAP benefits from being used to buy soda and candy, as well as incentivizing fruit and vegetable purchases and increasing the overall amount of SNAP benefits available.

Why do we have a government hell bent on limiting our freedoms by limiting what we can consume?

Because busy-bodies think they know better than us as to how we should live our lives.

It’s one reason why I support a universal basic income, potentially either implemented as a guaranteed payment or as a negative income tax–at least in theory.

Because I would like to see all welfare replaced with guaranteed payments to low-income families that are unencumbered by the “moral demands” of a bunch of busy-bodies who thin for a dollar they should get ten dollars worth of control over the poor.

I’ll never get what I want, because the desire to control how other people live their lives is too baked into the psyche of the Left and the Right. (At least the religious Right is up-front and honest. The Left–not so much: claiming to support cultural diversity on the one hand, slamming those who make choices they disagree with on the other. Think NASCAR, Sarah Palin failing to abort her Down-syndrome baby, complaints about hunting, or suburban and exurban living.)

But I can dream of a time when we allow the poor to make their own decisions unencumbered by the moralizing of busybodies who insist they know better.