Antifa is not just a local Berkeley phenominon.

by w3woody

A Chilling Threat of Political Violence in Portland

Activists threatened to drag local Republicans off a parade route if they weren’t excluded from a local celebration. Organizers cancelled the entire event in response.

Let’s be blunt.

The Left is showing its colors.

I note this because historically, the left-wing has felt rather free to use violence to advance its agenda, going back to the days of the anarchist bombings in late 19th century Europe.

And today they are freely flying the left-wing colors, using terminology that would have been quite familiar to Gavrilo Princip, the assassin of Archduke Ferdinand. (His death triggered the start of World War I.)

Except there is a problem with the Antifa–“anti-fascists” (so-named because, ironically, they consider Republicans and those who are self-professed conservatives as “fascists”) gaining significant ground in the United States.

We shoot revenuers. And we celebrate that fact.

Bottom line: people will die.

If it is a member of the Antifa who sought to “crack some Nazi heads” and started beating the crap out of random innocent bystanders whose crime was to believe in tax reduction and limited government–frankly there will be no love lost from me.

Addendum: This is why you guys on the Left cannot have nice things. Except posh fainting couches: y’all have some really nice fainting couches.