I usually don’t share links like this.

by w3woody

But I like good Science Fiction. And good Science Fiction is fiction which uses science (spaceships, interstellar flight, alien civilizations, artificial intelligence) to explore the edges of culture and of civilization. Great Science Fiction use these things as metaphors or as obstacles to overcome–and in that allow us to explore “what-if” hypotheticals which explore the edges of who we are.

Some of that can be quite uncomfortable. Some of it can be quite counter-intuitive. But all of it is great.

So when I share the link below, I do it with two purposes.

First, because I love a good read.

And second, if we declare certain elements of culture as “off limits” no matter how uncomfortable: if we, for example, declare an argument against abortion, a book which explores racism, or a plot which celebrates gender differences as “wrong-think”, we’ve shrunk the circle of things we can explore. We’ve limited our ability to explore uncomfortable themes.

We shoot ourselves in the foot thinking it will make us more comfortable to limit ourselves to our own comfortable back yards.

So here’s a link. Give it a go, and win some free books.

Even books which may make you uncomfortable.

Hell, it’s not like I’m peddling truly evil shit, like copies of “Mein Kampf” or “Das Capital”–though sadly I suspect there are plenty of people who would refuse to click on the link above who would love to have free copies of those books.