When those charged with enforcing the law refuse to follow the law, why should the rest of us bother to listen to them?

by w3woody

Labor Department Mutiny

That’s one reason President Trump last month directed the Labor Department to review the rule. Specifically, the President asked Labor to investigate whether the rule is likely to reduce access to retirement-savings vehicles or related financial advice, whether the rule has caused disruptions in the industry that may harm retirees and investors, and whether it will lead to more lawsuits. If a review determines any of these things had happened, the department is to propose revising or abolishing the rule.

So what was the Labor response? Last week the holdovers from the Obama Administration announced that “the Department has concluded it would be inappropriate to broadly delay application of the fiduciary definition and Impartial Conduct Standards.”

Translation: We don’t care what an elected President says.

Fire them. Fire the whole lot of them.

Because if you don’t, basically with the bureaucracy in open rebellion against a duly elected President, what do we have? Gangster government?

Remember: Americans celebrate the shooting of government officials.