We’ve never had a fully private industry-run Health Care system.

by w3woody

What A Disaster Nationalization of the US Oil Industry Would Have Been!

Had we privatized the oil industry, today we’d be facing high prices, low supplies, a lack of energy trying to survey new fields or new techniques for extracting oil–and liberal Democrats constantly reminding us how much worse the free enterprise version of an energy sector would have been.

Today, of course, we have liberal Democrats telling us how much worse increased competition would be in health care.

But let’s be honest: since the 1960’s we have not had free enterprise in the health care system. We’ve had, at best, corporate funded socialized medicine. The latest blow to any sort of competition in health care came from the PPACA (aka, Obamacare) in the creation of Accountable Care Organizations, and the requirement that doctors be part of an ACO in order to bill insurance companies–which, in one stroke of a pen, wiped out private doctor practices across the country. In a world where Democrats regularly complain about “too big to fail” they effectively forced all doctors to be employees of “too big to fail” health care organizations.

And now we’re being told the only answer is single payer.