Roasted Chickpeas

by w3woody

I love the crunchy little chickpeas you can find at places like Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter. So I went to make my own recipe.

I found this recipe, but here are my variations to it.

  1. Start with dried chickpeas and cook in a slow cooker until almost done; on low for about 6 hours in my cooker.
  2. Roast at 350°F, not 450°F. That’ll help them dry out without burning. (At the hotter temperature I was burning a sizable percentage of them.) Roast for a lot longer; about an hour or so.
  3. Let sit until cool. You should pull them out when they are not quite crunchy; just a hair soft in the center. Cooling will allow them to completely dry out to the perfect consistency.
  4. They’re also easy to spice; just flavor until they taste good before being roasted; they’ll taste perfect after being roasted.

Just FYI.