Just a random thought regarding all the protesters upset at President Trump’s various executive orders.

by w3woody

Remember: a President of the United States cannot create new law. All they can do is give their sense as to how existing law can be interpreted or enforced. So when President Trump signs an executive order calling for a halt in allowing people from 7 countries from entering the United States for 90 days in order to review the processes in place to vet those people, all he is doing is giving his sense as to how an existing law (in this case, a law signed by President Obama in 2015) should be enforced.

So where were today’s protesters in 2015?

Or is it when a Democrat does it, we don’t care, but when a Republican does it, it’s horrible?

After all, even before this executive order, several of the stories we are hearing, about people visiting one of the 7 countries identified in 2015 not being allowed to enter the United States, would have been detained anyway.

And this extends to a larger point.

A lot of shitty things took place under President Obama’s administration, especially when it came to the dealing with international affairs (such as Syria’s sinking into a civil war as part of a proxy war Obama walked away from), or when it came to dealing with refugees from over seas (such as sharp limits imposed by both parties on refugees, or limits on people coming in from the seven countries identified by the Obama administration).

Yet the press didn’t give a shit. Protesters didn’t care.

We also saw a lot of shitty things take place in other areas under President Obama as well, ranging from the free flow of guns to Mexico (helping make things less stable there) to the deterioration of the treatment of blacks (and the uptick in the murder of police officers in reaction).

Yet the press didn’t give a shit. Protesters didn’t care.

And while I’m now glad many of these issues are starting to surface, I can’t help but think:

The press doesn’t actually give a shit. Protesters actually don’t care.

All they care about is the much shallower effort to score political points, instead of standing by any sort of civic principles or moral or ethical ideals.

I’m actually an open-borders guy. I personally think the path to citizenship to becoming a full citizen of the United States should take no more than a year–far less than the three years it currently takes (under an Obama Administration framework) for refugees to enter the United States. I think we should be taking far more refugees than the handful of thousands the Obama Administration offered to take. And truth be told, I don’t think taking in millions of refugees (yes, millions) would have the horrible effects even Democrats claim if we were to take in (say) 100,000 refugees.

That’s because the United States is a country founded on a principle of equality, rather than by a tribe of people with a common culture and religious belief. It’s why the United States can absorb people from countries around the world–people who so quickly become hyphenated Americans that we don’t give it a second thought. It’s why we have areas in major cities labeled things like “Chinatown” or “Little Tokyo” or “Little India”–areas where people settling from another country brought their culture and food and styles and opened shops. It’s why salsa (from Mexico) has overtaken ketchup (arguably from China) as the dominate table sauce for foods.

There is no arbiter of language for the American English Language (unlike the French Language, which is maintained by the Académie Française). There are no serious attempts by organizations to preserve “American” culture–an effort which would require us first to define which culture is “American” in the first place. (Is it Californian costal culture? The culture of the Amish? The Mormons of Utah? The Deep South? The Appalachians? The Yankee culture of the North-East? The hustle and bustle of New York or Chicago?)

We are a melting pot. Those who worry about a region of the country being dotted with Mosques blaring the Adhan forget we already have regions in our country dotted with Synagogues and Temples and towers capped with the Angel Moroni, ringing out bells playing music calling the faithful to prayer. Those worried about a religion calling for legal exemptions forget we already make exceptions for Christian Scientists and Native Americans and Quakers seeking not to serve in battle and for Priests from testifying to the content of a confessional. Sacramental wine was exempted from the 18th Amendment.

So why one group of people should scare us is sort of silly–though it follows a well-established pattern we see throughout history where a group first arrives and is detested as a threat to civil order, only to be seen as part of the American fabric a generation later. (We see this pattern with the Germans who came to Pennsylvania in the early 1700’s–who became the quintessential American, giving us hot dogs and apple pie. We see this with the Irish. We see this with Blacks after the civil war. We saw this on and off with the Jewish population, despite the fact that Jews have been part of the fabric of the United States since the very beginning.)

Which is why the restrictions put in place by the Obama Administration, now being blamed on Trump, concern me.

And it’s why the protestors anger me–because it’s clear they honestly do not care. If the laws opening the door to travel restrictions put in place as early as 2011 were stopped as they were making their way through Congress, we wouldn’t be talking about Trump’s actions today. There would be no law backing his executive order.

But no, no-one gave a fuck.

And, as far as I can tell, no-one–especially the ones now blocking airports across the country and protesting Trump–give a fuck.

Hypocrites, the whole lot of them, because if Hillary Clinton had won the Presidency–would they be out protesting a similar action?

No. They would not.

Do you want 8 years of Trump? Because THIS is how you get 8 years of Trump: by clearing acting in such a hypocritical fashion that your entire liberal-progressive political movement has rotted out into a hallow farce of naked power-seekers relying on organizations whose only constant is the ability to print large protest signs and construct amusing gigantic puppets and chant “hey hey, ho ho, blah blah blah has got to go” as if we were still in the 1960’s.