Finally bought the airplane.

by w3woody

So I finally purchased the airplane.

The final tally (for those interested in how much it costs to buy an airplane): $62,500 for the aircraft. Escrow and title was $550, of which I paid half. I paid another $182 to have the oil changed, and another $70 to fuel it up to fly it home.

The hanger is running me around $450/month at RDU through Landmark; this was because I paid a full year in advance, a lump sum of around $5400 or so. Insurance is costing me $1,250 per year.

My wife and I picked up the airplane; we drove down to South Carolina, and I picked up the airplane, flew it to Johnson County (to refuel), then to RDU. (Refueled in Johnson County because avgas there is sooooo much cheaper.) My wife drove to RDU, we flew around for a little bit, then came back and parked it in the hanger.

The annual is due in June, and I suspect my first annual will be several thousand; from what I hear each mechanic has their own list of things they look for, and things they let go–and so switching mechanics means a bunch of new things get found and fixed the other mechanic was missing. (This is not an inditement on mechanics; some people see a frayed wire and think nothing of it; another wants to rip out all the wiring to be safe.)

And so, I now own a Piper Arrow II.