Failure Or War: Abandoned Children Edition.

by w3woody

In A Conflict Of Visions author Thomas Sowell lays out two different world views or visions of the political world, which are in conflict, which underly the political struggles in the world today. These two visions are the Unconstrained Vision, a utopian view of human nature as perfectible and one which can be elevated beyond the need for petty material and systemic things, and the Constrained Vision of human nature which sees human nature as a fixed constant which cannot be changed, but which can be regulated via the rule of law and coaxed to better things via the carrot and stick of the free market.

In modern times, the Unconstrained Vision of human nature has become increasingly associated with the more utopian fantasies of the Progressive Liberal Movement, one which envisions a group of Bodhisattvas who will lead the rest of humanity to salvation, both through example and through leadership. The unconstrained vision of Europe lead it’s out-of-touch leaders through a social experiment to unify Europe under one banner: while the unification of Europe was just a part of the Game of Thrones being played on the world stage, it was a unification driven by a firm and deep belief in the Unconstrained Vision: with the right combination of policies and political will, the Bodhisattvas of Brussels would impose it’s will and elevate the rest of Europe to it’s righteous salvation as a third axis, a third superpower beside the United States and Russia China India.†

The unconstrained view, naturally, looks at the whole of humanity: their sight is at mass movements and mass improvements, and since they are locked into the belief that it is through the divine grace of the Bodhisattvas of Brussels and of Washington D.C. that we will evolve, it’s just a matter of destroying those who do not believe as they do–those who (for example) believe in a Constrained Vision, and a matter of enacting the right laws and the right social vision. And if these “Bodhisattvas” get it wrong, well, it’s just a matter of tweaking the formula, and altering the laws–and destroying the enemies of this great social experiment, of course.

And what does it matter if a few people get destroyed along the way? It’s about the greater good.

It is this realization that the Unconstrained View, the thing which motivates the vision of political theory now practiced by the Progressive Left, can never admit failure (since to do so would be to admit a failure in a Star Trek-like vision of mankind as one that can be elevated to greatness on a spiritual and moral axis) and must instead forever experiment in it’s Sisyphian attempt to finally push that bolder for once and for all to the top of the hill, regardless of the destruction it creates about us, that makes me see stories like this and weep:

Children abandoned by Greek parents as cuts also sees country running out of medicine

Children are being abandoned on Greece’s streets by their poverty-stricken families who cannot afford to look after them any more.

Youngsters are being dumped by their parents who are struggling to make ends meet in what is fast becoming the most tragic human consequence of the Euro crisis.

It comes as pharmacists revealed the country had almost run out of aspirin, as multi-billion euro austerity measures filter their way through society.

To the Progressive Left and it’s utopian vision of a perfectible mankind, these children are being abandoned on the streets not because their policies are utterly and completely morally bankrupt, but because of conspiratorial “forces” which fight against their desire to elevate mankind. It’s almost as if they see mankind in a struggle between Good and Evil, and their attempts to impose Good through policies and procedures and social reforms and a unified currency are being sabotaged by evil bankers and currency analysts and investment advisers not because of a fiduciary responsibility to make sure the people whom they invest for (including elderly retirees) are paid back, but because at some level they are in league with Satan.

But the reality is this: these children are being discarded by their parents because they can no longer afford to keep them. And they can no longer afford to keep them because the endless promises made by the Bodhisattvas in Brussels cannot be kept, because utopia is not a real place, because in this world of woe and pain there is only so much stuff in the world, and there is never as much stuff in the world as we would like, and far less than has been promised to the Greeks, who when they relied on these promises stopped looking after themselves.

Greece has run out of money. This is not just some fact on a ledger sheet, or some line that can be plotted on the Bloomberg Terminal, along side TED spreads and U.S. 10 year treasury interest rates.

This is children, abandoned on the streets.

This is a generation of discarded children.

It is an article of faith to the Left that on occasion you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet.

Meet the broken eggs.

† It is my contention that while we think of China as a contrasting superpower alongside the United States, China is at best a regional player, just as Russia proved to be in the 80’s, and as India will rise to outshine China in perhaps 20 to 30 years. But that’s incidental to this essay. What’s important is that in Europe, they see a bilateral world with the United States and (fill in the blank), and they want to create–have been struggling to create–a third seat representing the “classical western world.”