by w3woody

Hey, isn’t it time we regulate sugar like alcohol or tobacco?

As a footnote, if Democrats start advocating freedom to enjoy things like sugary snacks at our own discretion and conservatives start embracing the nanny state, I will switch back to voting for Democrats.

It’s that simple for me.

Just as I won’t join in the Conservative “let’s dump on Governor Brown for failing to lower taxes” chorus. I mean, “Moonbeam” Brown got rid of the Community Redevelopment Agencies in California–a multi-billion dollar freedom-destroying boondoggle which really only supported developers at the expense of working-class neighborhoods in many areas of California. (Yes, there were some successes, but did Monrovia need to wipe out an entire lower-middle class neighborhood to open a Home Depot that then closed five minutes later?)

That’s a big damned deal. That’s like the Federal Government shutting the doors on the Department of Agriculture and sending all of it’s workers home.