Really, guys?

by w3woody

Sometimes I read something so egregiously stupid I just have to respond. This is one of those posts.

Mitt Romney, Robotics and the Uncanny Valley

Brian Fung writes in the Atlantic that one of Romney’s electoral problems is that he occupies a kind of uncanny valley for politicians, inexplicably turning voters off despite looking like the textbook image of an American president. Just as people who interact with lifelike robots often develop a strange feeling due to something they can’t quite name, something about Romney leaves voters unsettled.


No, the reason why voters are not galvanizing behind Romney is because as a candidate he cannot run against Obama’s signature health care reform bill (which the majority of Americans now oppose) because he passed the same signature health care reform bill in his state as Governor, to the same ill-effects that the United States will start suffering from in 2014 once Obamacare goes into full effect.

It’s also why the Bain Capital controversy brought some Republican voters back: because we want Presidents who support free markets–and Gingrich’s attack of Romney on his support of free markets only brought people back to a candidate whose work on health care in Massachusetts suggested his support of free markets was weak at best.