A woman who decries sexism engages in a whole metric shitload of it herself…

by w3woody

The Island of Misfit Toys, in which Violet Blue prattles on about “The Saddest Booth Babe In The World”:

I was, in fact, looking at The Saddest Booth Babe In The World….

We were waiting for her to change expression.

She sat on a stool in between two large monitors across the aisle from us. The pretty brunette was in one of those big corner booths that paid a few bucks for that sorta-prime real estate you know is a gamble for whoever forked over the money to sell wignuts or widgets or iPhone cases or other sundry USB landfill.

Her shoulders were hunched and her hands sat limply in her lap beneath breasts that were packaged air-tight in a tight, branded t-shirt.

She stared at the floor. Unlike her counterparts, she never smiled. Sad booth babe was sad.

A “booth babe” is a derogatory term referring to a promotional model, generally a woman hired to drive consumer demand by standing there being attractive and attracting customers. Most booth babes are trade show models–people who are not regular employees but freelancers who are hired because they’re pretty, attracting attention.

“Booth babes,” in other words, are hired because they’re pretty, not because they’re smart.

And clearly the only reason why “The Saddest Booth Babe In The World” would be at a MacWorld trade show is because women are only good for being pretty and attracting attention to your booth, right? Because that’s all women are: pieces of eye candy attracting attention to your brand.

Right, Violet Blue?


The woman in the white top appears to be Piroska Szurmai-Palotai, the (sole?) developer for NeoPlay Entertainment. She has three apps currently in the App Store and was a first-time exhibitor at the Mobile Apps Showcase this year.

So, the next time Violet Blue prattles on about sexism in technology–remember, she herself jumped to the conclusion that some woman at a booth was a dumb bimbo hired for the job rather than, well, a software developer who happened to be a woman.