News You Can Use, Exercise Edition.

by w3woody

More Evidence Support Barefoot Running

Those are the findings of a pair of studies by Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University. He found runners who use a forefoot strike face a significantly lower risk of repetitive stress injuries, and barely there running shoes produce more efficient movement than conventional kicks.

Original article links: Foot Strike and Injury Rates in Endurance Runners: a retrospective study. and Effects of Footwear and Strike Type on Running Economy.

(Note: The second report doesn’t interest me as much as the first, and it makes some sense: the front of your foot is nice and flat, while the heel is this round shape–and if you rear strike (as I did while running), there is more chance of rotating your foot wrong as you progress from heel to toe.)

Of course I’m significantly out of shape, so it will take at least six months before I have any conclusive results, but so far these have worked very well for me: I’m not having any knee problems from slight down hill running that caused me to stop running more than a decade ago, and the shoe definitely encourages front-striking while running. (Or, in my case, limp jogging.)