by w3woody

Fitchburg woman and daughter ‘terrified’ as saw rips down door after getting wrong address in drug sweep (h/t)

About 10 FBI agents came into her apartment at 391 Elm St., that morning, guns drawn and pointed at her. There was no knock, and they didn’t shout that they were from the FBI until after the saw was buzzing through her six-panel front door, she said.

She believes it took about three minutes for them to saw a big rectangle through the door, then kick in the center.

This is just bizarre. In three minutes someone in the back room could grab a rifle or a shot-gun, load up the ammo, and start firing at whomever was holding the chain saw. Or, if folks were in the back, they had three minutes to plan their escape.

Forceful entry without announcing who you are (a “no knock” entry) is done when the element of surprise is required. But how in the name of God Almighty is standing around waiting for some guy to go through with a chain saw a “surprise?” Three minutes of standing around waiting to get through a door is not a “surprise.” It’s an eternity.

Shit, if they were in Texas, that’s enough time to slip out the back, go to the corner gun store, buy a shotgun and ammo, go back to the apartment, and open fire on the officer with the chain saw before he’s had a chance to finish cutting the hole in the door.

Someone has some explaining to do…