Another argument for home ownership.

by w3woody

Disturbing Trend: Condo owners told they can’t charge their EVs

As we recently found out after driving a 2011 Nissan Leaf for a week, the availability of electrical outlets can be a major downer on EV ownership. Our test car spent a week in the Phoenix, AZ area, and was parked overnight in a covered parking garage. No problem, since there were indeed unused outlets in the structure, so we could plug it in. Except that we couldn’t.

It seems the property management company that oversees the garage decided that electric cars were not allowed to draw power. The problem, as so often is the case, came down to monetary concerns. It seems that, without having a way to measure how much power was being consumed by the electric car, management decided it could not accurately charge the driver for any electricity consumed. This is despite the fact that the garage serves a building with tenants that pay the electricity bill.

There is a central irony here. After all, electric vehicles are being targeted increasingly towards younger hip urbanites who believe that sprawl is evil and owning a house in the suburbs is seen negatively.

Yet they’re being sold a product that cannot be fully utilized unless you own your own house in the suburbs.