Politics is a blood sport.

by w3woody

THE HILL: Republican lawmakers begin pushback against Obama recess appointments.

Washington D.C. operates by precedent: if one party tries some dirty trick, another party will perfect that dirty trick. The problem is when a dirty trick oversteps constitutional bounds: if President Obama’s move to appoint while Congress was not in recess, the next Republican President will push the bounds even farther–after all, the Democrats were fine when Obama did it…

It’s why I was also worried when the Republicans decided to go after Clinton for lying about his affairs: it established a precedent of seeking to impeach every sitting Republican President by the Democrats. Mark my words: if Romney wins the Presidency, the Democrats will call for his impeachment because to many Democrats, Republicans are guilty of the crime of being a Republican; it’s just a matter of finding some crime to make the impeachment nice and “legal.”