Getting bad advice from people who think they know better.

by w3woody

Exposing Nutritional Pseudoscience

Which? magazine is the UK equivalent of Consumer Reports – an independent magazine primarily focused on product reviews and providing objective information to the consumer. They recently conducted an investigation of nutritional therapists, with scandalous (although not surprising) results. …

“Our expert panel concluded that visiting a nutritional therapist wasn’t worth the money – and in some cases could have actually endangered the health of the researcher. Six of the fifteen consultations were rated as ‘dangerous fails’.

“Of the remaining visits, eight were rated as ‘fails’ and only one was graded as a ‘borderline pass’. Our experts were disappointed by the advice given by therapists and concerned at their poor knowledge of the body and how it works.”

I’m not surprised: there is a tremendous demand for information now, and a lot of people who are basically charlatans with a degree. Exposés like this should help by forcing people to improve.